IV therapy is the fastest way to rehydrate the body and replenish fluids when they are lost. Insurances will cover the cost of IV therapy when in the operating room, the emergency department, or the hospital. They frequently will not cover the cost when the IV is administered in the home, and when they do, it is often after months of back and forth. The rules regarding whether or not they will cover the cost of the IV therapy are also changing frequently. The cost of submitting claims to insurance would require our company to hire multiple additional people to handle the insurance claims, without any assurance they would indeed be covered services. Since our company functions as an on-demand provider of in-home and clinic based IV therapy, it is faster, cheaper, and more convenient to avoid using insurance altogether.



However, if you would like to submit a claim to insurance for an out-of-network claim after the treatment, we would be happy to help provide you with a Superbill and help provide the information needed for you to submit.


Much in the way that insurance companies won’t often cover IV therapy, they frequently will not cover IV Vitamin Therapy as a separate billable expense. We are happy to provide you with the information needed to submit an out-of-network claim and Superbill, but we can’t provide any guarantees up front if the services will be covered.

Since ASAP IVs does not routinely rely on reimbursements to cover our services, we have a smaller administrative staff and can afford to have lower costs than most medical services. Our Basic IV (1 liter of IV fluid provided by a registered nurse in the comfort of your home) begins at $125. The most expensive IV is our ASAP Works, which is our fully-loaded IV, which is $300.

Yes, and no. IV therapy for hangovers is a medical procedure. It requires years of practice and knowledge for proper administration, which is why all of our IV therapies are provided by physicians or registered nurses, who are experts in IV therapies and their safety. Due to the fact that these are medical procedures, which can be dangerous when not administered correctly, they require a medical license in the form of a physicians license to purchase the supplies. This prevents them from being purchased over-the-counter from Target, Costco, or a similar convenience store.


Fortunately, our service exists to provide these convenient treatments, by professionals, in the comfort of your own home in a cost-effective way. We have easy same-day scheduling available 7 days a week directly through our website for Phoenix, Scottsdale, San Diego, San Ramon, and the East Bay Area.

Our Hangover IV (1 Liter IV fluid, Zofran, Toradol) is $165 for one of our professional RNs to travel to you and deliver the therapy in the comfort of your own home. The stepped up IV Hangover therapy is the ASAP Recovery IV. This includes everything in the Hangover IV, with the addition of Magnesium and B12, and the price is $205 delivered directly to you.

Our IV therapies range from $125-300 for an in-home treatment, and $75-350 for a clinic based treatment.

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